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  • 4/23/16: Please remember Gold City and their families in your prayers. Tuesday, April 19, Barbara Riley, Tim's wife and mother of Danny, passed away suddenly. Friday, April 22, Sammy West, father of Chris and grandfather of Dillan West (Gold City's live sound engineer), passed away after a battle with cancer.
  • Gold City has finished their latest recording, entitled Authentic. It is a recording of ten songs previously recorded by the group. Five of the songs have new music while five songs re-use the original track. This is the first CD with tenor Thomas Nalley and bass Chris West. Read my review HERE
  • Gold City Tribute has a Facebook page!  The facebook page is a place for fans of Gold City to discuss the group's music and to share memories and photos.  The address is http://www.facebook.com/GoldCityTribute

Website Purpose:

While Gold City's current website is great for staying updated on the current group, it is lacking a lot information on the group's past.  The goal of this website is to be the place on the internet to go for information on the history of Gold City and to give tribute to one of the leading quartets in southern gospel music over the last thirty years.

Currently, the website primarily gives information on the recordings of Gold City and lists of all the men that have gave their talents to help make the group what it is today.

In the future, there will be more on the website.  Picture and video galleries will be added, more detailed information on the members of Gold City, both current and past will be provided, and hopefully much more.  Also, in keeping with the website's name, there will be a place for friends and fans of Gold City to share how the group has ministered to them through the years.

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